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This page was conceived for all of those who want to find out something about our town and it's meant to be a connection for those whom, trying to find their roots, or are just nostalgic, want to remember their childhood, old streets, people who lived or still live here...

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...the old city of Husi

Here you will find useful information about: why our town is named Husi; local history full of events (from the making of the Bishopric to Cuza-Voda); cultural history of local people (events and important cultural places); religion (people that try to give a real sense to the word religion, like Mina DOBZEU); people that are important to us or to the country (like Neculai MALAXA), those who want to improve the present economy of the town (business opportunities); and the way for different ethnic groups have learn to live and work together.

This format of www.husi.ro, is just the beginning of a large building which implies your help too. We want to give more and more information to our visitors so please write to us and give the information you have if they are not already on our site!

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