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   down the Dobrina hill...
Husi lies in the eastern part of Romania, at the intersection of the 4641' parallel with the 28 03' eastern longitude meridian. Situated in the depression with the same name, at the contact zone between the Moldavian Central Plateau and the Hills of Falciu, at an altitude of 120m. The city is surrounded by hills, not steep, but smooth, covered with vineyards. It's special position, like in a giant bowl, made Husi to be known as "The town between the vineyards". The European road E 581 passes through Husi and connects to the Republic of Moldavia through the Albita Customs.
...neighbourhood, posibilities
Administratively speaking, Husi city, former residence of Falciu county, is now one of the cities of Vaslui County, and it has about 30.000 inhabitant.. The yearly average temperature is 9,5°C with a maximum of 25,5°C in July and a minimum of -3,8°C in January. Among the hills enclosing the city (Dobrina, Corbu, Ochi, Voloseni and Rusca), drain up to joint the brooks Sara and Turbata. Both of them spring from Lohan hill, forming the stream Raiesti, which, after joining with the stream Draslavat, forms the creek Husi. Surrounded by the communes: Duda-Epureni, Stanilesti, Padureni, Cretesti, Tatarani si Bunesti-Averesti, Husi is a city with a strong agricultural potential, but the new shapes of the property system (totally private) shows a tendency of developments in light industry (fabrics and footwear), at the same time with the workers. (they are workmanlike and the costs of productions are lower here)
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