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Famous citizens of Husi...

The Famous People of Husi Dictionary, edited in 1995, part of the Monography "The History of Husi" - authors: Lina and Theodor Codreanu, talks about over 300 people, wellknown all over the country and even over the world, that were born or lived in Husi. Our hopes are you will help us complete this list by writting new informations to us at mircea@husi.ro

... people to talk about

1. ANGHELUS, Ioan Alexandru (1937-1986). Excelent professor, poet and publisher. Born in Nuci, county Ilfov. Author of volumes: "Nuntile focului" (1971); "Ambrozie si nectar"(with A.D. Tudosie, 1978); "Jurnal de idei", "Drumul cuvantului"(1980); "Panda de seara"(1983); "Cumparatorul de bufnite" (1985); "Cai de lut" (postum, 1992). Author of lot of articles about literature published in different magazines as: Romania Literara, Ateneu, Cronica, Astra, Convorbiri Literare, Vremea Noua; publisher of a local literature magazin "Zorile" (The Downs) of "Cuza-Voda" High School; leader of a true "poetry school" at the Literature Club of Community Cultural Center. Since 1989, a street and the Literature Club of Community Cultural Center from Husi got his name.

2. ANASTASIU, Victor (1886-1972). Born in Husi. Medic and psyhofiziologist. M.D. Major contributions in the field of aeronautical medicine and technical expert in the Nations League (1929). Creator of Aeronautical Medicine Center-Bucharest. Major woks: Omul zburator. Cercetari medico-aeronautice (1921); Tensiunea arteriala la aviatori (1925); Contributii la studiul tensiuni arteriale la aviatori (1927).

3. ALMOGEN, David (1827-1917) Born in Husi. Dedicated to all people of Husi, he was Manager of the jewish hospital of Husi (1880) and then manager of the Town Hospital (1889). Even if he was not a romanian citizen (because of the restrictive laws in that time) he participated as surgeon in the Independence War (1877-1878). He was the first who used the special stretcher used in the war. He was decorated with the "Romanian Star" in rank of knight and he got romanian citizenship along other jewish people who fought in that war..


4. BALTATU, Adam (1899-?). Born in Husi. Important painter of Romania. His watercolours are considerated masterpieces. His masters were: Nicolae Grigorescu and Stefan Luchian. He was professor at Fien Arts Institute "N Grigorescu" from Bucharest beetwen 1950-1966. His major works are: Peisaj din Husi , Poarta, Case si lumina, Case vechi din Bucuresti, Lumina de vara, Toamna prin sat, Autoportret.

5. BALTATU, Gheorghe (1905-1978), Born in Husi. Master of science in wine-growing. Scientist in wine-growing and vineyards. He organizes in Husi a collection of grapes variety and studies here the resistence of different grapes variety at disseas of grapes.He wrotte over 100 studies, articles and works refering at wines and grapes.

7. CANTEMIR, Dimitrie (1673-1723) Scholar, philosopher, istorician, King of Moldavia. Born at Husi (or at Silisteni-Urlati, near Husi). In 1705, allied with Petru cel Mare, tzar of Russia, he hopes to free his country. He lost the battle of Stanilesti and he was forced into exile with his family in Russia. On 11th of June 1714 he is chosen as member of Berlin Science Academy. Author of more works in different fields as: philosophy (Divanul-1698), logic (Mic compendiu de logica generala -1705), muzic (Cartea stiintei muzicei dupa felul literelor-1700 ), geography (Descrierea Moldovei-1716), politics (Cercetarea naturala a monarhiilor-1714), history (Viata lui Constantin Cantemir-1716; Istoria cresterii si descresterii curtii Otomane-1714-1716; Evenimentele Cantacuzinilor si Brancovenilor-1718; Hronicul vechimei a romano-moldo-valahilor-1722) and literature (Istoria ieroglifica-1705).

8. CERNATESCU, Radu (1894-1958). Born in Husi. Chemist with a distinguished activity in the scienrific field. Member of The Romanian Science Academy and founder of the Molecular Chemistry Institute "Petru Poni" in Iasi. He discovered the study and synthesis of complex sulphocyanates, complex compounds of mercury and cadmium with cyclic diaminele, and others. He developed a great didactic activity. He was a correspondent member of the Hungarian Academy.

9. COTESCU, Octavian (1931-1985). Born in Husi. One of the greatest actors of Romania. Professor at Theater Academy-Bucharest. He played in a signifiant numbers of plays and had a vast activity in the romanian television, loved by the viewers, especially for the play Tanta si Costel and the sequels. Other plays: Prostii sub clar de luna, Unchiul Vanea, O scrisoare pierduta, Tartuffe. In filme ca: Operatiunea monstrul; Ion-blestemul pamantului, blestemul iubirii, he played along side the greatest romanian actors.


10. CUZA, Alexandru Ioan (1820-1873). Born in Husi (the historyan Ion Lupascu proves that the birth place of Cuza is in Husi I.Gh. Duca street, nr. 58. and N. Iorga, chief of Historical Monuments Comission at that time took mesures to bring a Royal Decree (1940), that the house to be considerated a historyc monunment. The editions of the Encyclopedia from that year wrotte that the birth place of Cuza is the town of Husi. King of Moldavia on the 5th of january 1859 and then chosen as King of Romanian Country on the 24th of january, he united the two Principates. His liberal reforms were legendary and he began the creation of the modern Romania with his First Minister, another citizen of Husi, Mihail Kogalniceanu. Among his reforms are: agrarian reform, education reform, army and police reform etc. He was dethroned in february 1866, and leaves for Germany. He dies in Heidelberg on the 15th of May 1873. In Husi one of the principal streets and a High School took his name. Unfortunately his house was demolished by time and ignorance.

11. DUMITRESCU, Stefan (1886-1933). Born in Husi, he was one of the greates painters of Romania. Friend of Nicolae Tonitza with whom he organized his first exhibition. He learn in Paris and in 1928 he became Education Officer at Belle-Arte School of Iasi. In 1926 with Tonitza, Siroto si Oscar Han create "Grupul celor patru". (The Group of the Four)

12. GIUGARU, Alexandru (1897-1987). Born in Husi and one of the greatest actors of romanian comedy. He plays with Birlic on television and theatre. He achieved the Title of The Best Actor and State Prize (1964) for his activity. His major roles where in Nabadaile Cleopatrei (1925); Legenda celor doua cruci (1925); O noapte furtunoasa (1942); O scrisoare pierduta (1953); Cererea in casatorie (1926); Directorul nostru (1955); D-ale carnavalului (1958); Doua loturi (1957); Telegrame (1959); Badaranii (1960); Tudor (1962); Mofturi 1900 (1964); Rapirea fecioarelor (1967).

13. HUSI Viorel (1911-1972) Born in Husi. Painter and drawer who revealed the true nature of a jew living in the midlle of the nature. He had his first exhibition at Official Autumn Exhibition in 1926 at the age of 15. The succes he achieved there encourage him to participate at more exhibitions in 1927 and 1929. Studies in Paris and among his friends: Matisse, Utrillo s.a. With a precarious health and lonely he didn't try a personal exhibition untill 1967. In 1975 he produced a real revelation with another exibition. His major works are: Peisaj din Husi, Case la Prut, Casa parasita din Husi, Ulita din Husi, Spre Dobrina, Casa parinteasca, Cules de vii la Husi, Curtea spitalului din Husi, Peisaj la marginea Husului, Case printre vii, Locomotiva din gara Husi etc.

14. JOMIR, Mihai (1833-1901) Romanian politician born in Husi. Friend of M. Kogalniceanu. Chief of National Guard of Husi and then first Major of Husi. Elected three times as Major for his behavior and activity. A street of Husi got his name.


15. KOGALNICEANU, Mihail (1817-1891) He inherited a great piece of land at Rapi (near Husi) and from his father a vineyard in Husi, near the Catholic Church. Philosophist, writer and politician he studied in France and Germany. He created the National and Popular wave in literature founding the magazine Dacia literara (1840). He was a lider of the Revolution of 1848 from Moldau. His fought for the Union, and Cuza took him in the position of the Prime Minister (1860), Foreign Affaires(1877), Full Ambassador of Romania at Paris (1880). He was senator for life and a great orator. He was the representative of Falciu County.

16. LUPU, Nicolae (1876-1946). Born in Arsura, near Husi. Doctor and a great politician. Liberal since 1907, became the President of Farmer's Party (1924-1926). As vicepresident (1926), he create his own party called "Lupu's wing". After 1933 he is antinazi and pacifist. He reenter in the National Farmer's Party in 1937, and in 1946 he created The Farmer's Democratic Party . He was representative of Husi in the Parliament and published here political newpapers.


17. MALAXA, Nicolae (1884-1965). Born in Husi on the 10/22th of december. Founder of national modern industry in Romania. He studies at Iasi and continues at the Politehnical Institute of Karlsruhe, Germany, completing as a diplomat engineer. He created the factories bearing his name in 1941. Malaxa initiated a lot of technologies in Romania as : Diesel engines (1935); mecanichal transmissions command systems for trains (1936-1937); casted steel pipes(1937);Diesel locomotives for Ntional Railroads(1938); optical equipment (1938).


18. OBREJA, Alexandru (1908-1985) Born in Gugesti, near Husi. Renowed geographist of an exceptional academic career since 1940. Author of over 60 works. His major titles were: Istoria dezvoltarii geografiei in Romania(1972); Memoria continentelor(1975); Dictionarul geografic al judetului Iasi (1979) ; Drumuri si popasuri prin Moldova (1983), Campia Tecuciului (1967).


19. OLAREANU, Costache (Born in 1929 at Husi). Romanian prestigious writter. A exceptional novelist. In 1979 he obtained the Writters Union Prize. He created a new wave in romanian literature called "Grupul de la Tirgoviste", among Radu Petrescu and Mircea Simionescu. Honorable citizen of Husi since 1999. Some of his woks are:: Vedere din balcon (1971), Confesiuni paralele (1978), Ucenic la clasici (1979), Fictiune si infanterie (1980), Fals manual de petrecere a calatoriei (1982), Avionul de hartie (1983), Cvintetul melancoliei (1984), Cu cartile pe iarba (1986), Dragoste cu vorbe si copaci (1987).


20. PENISOARA-STEGARU, Viorel (born in Duda-Epureni in 1934). Painter, he completed in 1960 the Art Academy "N. Grigorescu" from Bucuresti. Many international and national exhibtions. Painter at the National Theatre from Craiova where he realized over 100 de shows.


21.POPESCU-NEVEANU, Paul (1921-1994) Psychologist si psycho-pedagogist wellknown in the country and abroad, born in Husi. Academic career in Bucharest. His most important woks are: Tipurile de activitate nervoasa superioara la om (1961), Psihologie generala (1964, 1974), Psihologia creatiei actoricesti (1969), Probleme ale invatarii (1969), Studii psihologice privind dezvoltarea psihica a copiilor (1970), Personalitatea si cunosterea ei (1970), Sensibilitatea - modalitatile de receptie senzoriala (1970), Introducere in psihologia militara (1970), Curs de psihologie generala (vol I and II 1976-1977), Dictionar de psihologie (1978)


22. RALEA, Mihai (1896-1964) Born at his family estate from Husi. Sociologist, psychologist, philosopher, aesthete, writter and politician. Member of Romanian Academy, manager of the magazine Viata Romaneasca. He represented Romania at UNESCO. He anticipate the idea of open work - opera deschisa (opera aperta) of Umberto Eco in Despre critica literara. Important works as: Explicarea omului, Interpretari (1927), Pagini de memorialistica. Memorialul (1930), Atitudini (1931), Valori (1935), Nord-sud (1945), Explicarea omului(1944-1945), In extremul Occident (1955), Cele doua Frante (1956), Istoria psihologiei (1958, in colab.), Sociologia succesului (1962, in colab.), Introducere in psihologia sociala (1966, in colab).

23.SENDREA, Stefan. Romanian diplomat born in Husi. Master in political and economical science at Bruxelles (1866). Diplomatic career in Paris.


24.TELEMAN, Gheorghe. (1838-1913) General of the romanian army born at Husi. He participated at the Independence War (1877-1878). Senator and chief of the Conservative party from Falciu and Major of Husi. In the town there are two staues of this brave general and one street received his name.


25.VANTU, Ioan G. Major of the Husi (1936-1937). Very appreciated in his activity and the media of the time wrote about him: "he made in two years as others in ten years" (Octavian Gadei, editor of the paper "Vocea Husului" 7 oct. 1937). He constructed the electrical plant, the new hospital, "Ralea" bridge, the new enlarged railroad. He was member of the liberal party.


26.Zelea Codreanu, Corneliu. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu was born on September 13 1899 at Huşi, named Corneliu Codreanu Zielinski. Father, Ion Zielinski Codreanu (Zielinski name being Polish origin) and changed its name in Zelea Codreanu in 1902. His mother, Eliza Zelea Codreanu (born Brauner). Codreanu was baptized in the Orthodox Church at the same time with its parents. He was a charismatic leader of the Christian nationalist extreme right in Romania, the interwar period, the party's "Guard" or the Legion of "Archangel Michael" (known as Legionnaires or "Green Shirts").

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