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If in 1885 there were three primary schools for boys and two for girls, and for gymnasium you would had got go to Barlad, Vaslui or Iasi, the early years of the XX Century gives to the "town beetwen the vineyards" two great High-Schools : The "Cuza-Voda" High-School (1894) and The Viticulture School "D.Cantemir"(1908) which became "Dimitrie Cantemir" High School. Along these, Husi can be also proud with six elementary schools, a special school, a professional one and even with the presence of the superior education represented by the branches of The "Lucian Blaga" University in Sibiu and "D. Cantemir" University in Iasi.

...education in the sweet city of Husi

The city disposes of a very valuable library of the Bishopric (where you can find "Cazania lui Varlaam"), the two libraries of the high-schools have over 25.000 volumes and  there is the municipal library to. For centuries, the teaching of Husi has been under the influence of the churches and most of all of the Bishopric at the end of XVI-th Century. The first documents concerning the schools in Husi by the churches are from the XVIII-th Century, under the reign of Grigore Ghica. In 1727, there was a school in Slavonian and Romanian, the very first in the Falciu county.

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